Project Day Schedule App


It’s my day today

A schedule app where you write your daily schedule and use colors to select the category. Built using the boiler plate introduction code from


Angular / .NET Core

The app is a Angular application running on .NET Core


Two way databinding

Using two way databinding the app updates the template on adding a new activity as well as delete one using the output and Event Emitter.


Bootstrap & Fontawesome

The template is styled using Bootstrap and is using custom icons from Fontawesome.


Dependency injection & Service

To server data to the template the app use a Service class and inject the service in the constructor


ngClass & Pipe

The curent hour is selected by using an ngClass and a Pipe for time format.

The app also features

  • TypeScript
  • Angular testing
  • Azure App Service hosting
  • Github deployment integrations
  • and more…

Go ahead and visit the app here!

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