I love art. give me a canvas and i will produce.

Welcome to my art portfolio. I make games, 3D assets & environments, animations, oil paintings, drawings & music.

Car chase scene

I want to bring interesting shapes to my art and work with smooth transitions and rich full masses.

Portfolio showcase video

I enjoy the making of art and seeing the final product. I’m at my best in an environment where I can work and learn.

Main projects

Space shooter in Unity


Animation short in blender


Environment Art in Unreal


Gameplay programming & software development


→ Modeling & Sculpting

Blender & Zbrush

→ Shading & Texturing

Blender & Substance painter

→ Game development

Unity & Unreal

Available for freelance work

Daniel Stenlund is a freelance 3D Artist. He lives in Stockholm, with his family and enjoys creating things and studying for his Private Pilot License.